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About the Temple of Aten

  The Temple of Aten is the official headquarters and home of Atenists. It was founded by Akhenaten (Akhenaten) as a restoration of the ancient Atenist religion of Heliopolis that was in existence over 4,000 years ago in the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.

Atenism in this world ceased to exist after the descendants of the original Atenists passed away. Atenism continued to exist in the Horizon of Light, the Celestial Realm governed by the the eternal being, Akhenaten.

As a great gift to humanity, Aten, the Compassionate God of the Universe, sent Akhenaten to bring Atenism once more into the world for all people to have the opportunity of turning to the One God of the Universe in truth.

The Temple is the World Seat of Akhenaten and serves as the Central Authority of the Association of Atenists, the collected body of Atenists worldwide.

It is through the Temple that the directives on Atenism and Atenist life are given to the Atenist global community from Akhenaten Himself, through his clerical servants for the purpose of preparing all worshippers of Aten for a place in the celestial realms in the presence of Aten, to live in bliss forever.