This is the official website for Atenists. The Temple of Aten itself, established over 4,000 years ago, was founded by Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Atenists believe that Atenism as it was founded by Pharaoh Akhenaten ceased to exist in the world after the descendants of the original Atenists passed away. Atenism continued to exist in the Horizon of Light, the Celestial Realm governed by the eternal being, Akhenaten.

As a great gift to humanity, Aten, the Compassionate God of the Universe, sent Akhenaten to bring Atenism again into the world for all people to have an opportunity to turn to the One God.

Atenists believe that their purpose is to seek perfection, as far as possible, in this world, in preparation for a place in the celestial realms in the presence of Aten in the New Horizon.

Much of our history and culture is learned from both texts from ancient Egypt and from modern-day science. For example, we learn much about the life and teachings of ancient Atenists from stelae, clay tablets and other similar sources. From both historical and scientific facts, we learn that Akhenaten, as the scholar Ahmed Osman and others have pointed out, is the same person as Moses and that Tutankhaten (Tutankhamen) is the same person as Jesus. If these concepts are new to you, we invite you to explore this site further.

Seek the Horizon of the One God Aten by taking refuge through Lord Akhenaten and receive solace at the Sacred Mountain.

“God is One and Akhenaten is the teacher of mankind in which he has appointed as lord of the earth. Grant that I may come into the everlasting heaven and the mountain where your favoured ones dwell. Let me join myself to those who are holy and perfect in the divine Other World, and let me appear with them to behold your beauties in the evening. I lift my hands to you in adoration when you, the living One, set. You are the Eternal Creator and are adored at your setting in heaven. I have given my heart to you without wavering, O you who are the mightiest of all.”

His son Akhenaten says, “I am the representative of the throne of Aten for the earth and overseer of works in his sanctuary which, as his beloved son, the Lord of the Two Lands, the giver of life, which Aten made for you. My Lord appointed me to be the officer in charge of the great city of God and all its monuments and treasures.

“I keep watch diligently, I serve the office of director strenuously, performing the laws of the heart of Aten. I know how to teach you so as to have rest upon the Truth, making you great to do it upon the earth. I am truth who abominates false words and deeds. I never take pleasure in any conversation wherein are words of exaggeration and lies. I take pleasure in your affairs.”

Praise be to you, O Aten of the day, Creator of mortals and Creator of their life. Praise be to you!

(Psalms of Egypt, Hymn of Akhenaten to Aten)

May Aten shine His beams of gracious light upon you.

You are invited to read “What is Atenism?“.

So that no one is confused about the intent of this site, we wish to make it known that we do not practice nor condone “Kemetic magic”, “Kemetic New Age” or any type of “New Age” practice. The content of the site strives to present historical, Orthodox Atenism in the light of history and science.