Book Review: The Lost City of Exodus – Part 2

Chapter 1, The Story of the Exodus

Osman starts out with providing a backdrop for the reader with the Biblical narrative concerning Abraham and Sarah arriving in Egypt. He then shares the narrative concerning Joseph in the Pharaohs house, being falsely accused of rape and being sent to prison.

Osman shows that this particular Pharaoh, as the Bible indicates, “did not know Joseph,” and thus decided to oppress the Israelites who had already been residing as shepherds and farmers in Egypt. This is the king of Egypt that became the Pharaoh of Oppression. “It was this new Pharaoh, who didn’t know Joseph, who enslaved the Children of Israel by putting them to hard labor.” {page 18} See Exodus 1:11, 14.

We arrive at the story of the Pharaoh ordering midwives to murder all first-born Israelite males, and when the mid-wives refused to comply, a second order was sent out that all first-born males of the Israelites should be placed in the river. This begins the story of Moses. For the story of how Moses survived being drowned in the Nile, see the second chapter of Exodus.

Osman relates the Biblical accounts of Moses and the burning bush where God gives instructions to him about going back into Egypt to free the Hebrews. We read about the Israelites crossing the Red Sea with the waters being divinely parted and how the Pharaoh was perusing them with his army of charioteers, but who were drowned when God caused the waters to return to a normal state.

Moses and the Israelites reach Mount Sinai where the Ten Commandments are provided to Moses by God. A covenant was given, stipulating that as long as the Israelites were faithful to the Law that had been provided, they would be given land in which to live and would have life instead of death.

However, as we know from the Biblical account, all was not well with the Israelites, so they began to murmur. This lack of appreciation for what was already being provided to them was punished with forty years of wandering. According to the Bible, Moses too was not permitted to enter into the land that had been promised by God.

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