Chapter 2, Who Wrote the Exodus Story – Part 3

In the second chapter, Osman begins discussing the authenticity of the narratives outlined in the Book of Exodus. The authorship of Exodus has been debated for hundreds of years with no real consensus on the matter.

Osman relates information regarding how some scholars have indicated that the Book of Exodus may very well have been composed by more than one author, over a long period of time.

Additional scholars are discussed in this chapter with supporting evidence of multiple authors for Exodus. Osman writes that “almost all biblical scholars have come to agree that Moses did not write the first five books of the Bible. Instead, an agreement has developed in support of the theory that the Pentateuch was formed by weaving together four distinct documents, or sources, that were written down in different stages between the tenth century BCE and the sixth or fifth centuries at the time of the Babylonian Exile… some scholars saw even more hands at work in the Pentateuch ascribing them to later periods.”

Osman further writes that “One must make allowances for the fact that these stories were originally handed down over several centuries by word-of-mouth, with the inevitable distortion, and possible accretions that this would involve… translators have inserted interpolations, based on their own concept of morality.” {page 27}

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