Joshua, Jesus and Tutankhaten

The following are verses 1-7 of chapter 46 from the 2021 edition of the Teachings of Mir Izgadda. It refers to Tutankhaten, the son of Akhenaten. I have added a brief comment at the conclusion of the verses.

1 If you believe in and practice the teachings of Tutankhaten, you shall pass beyond death and come to life.

2 The Divine Messengers have come in many different eras and places in the world, one of them being named Tutankhaten.

3 Tutankhaten, later known by the name Joshua*, is of one of the Divine Messengers who appeared in the land of Israel.
* (Jesus, Yeshua, Joshu)

4 His appearance was in the veil of a human shell, but he was a spiritual being.

5 He appeared in Judea as a spirit being who had also been present during the time that the Israelites crossed over the sea in their escape from the evil Pharaoh of Egypt.

6 In Akhetaten*, Joshua was commonly referred to as Tutankhaten. The name of his father was Akhenaten, also known as Moses.
*(the City of the Lord, Amarna)

7 The very name of this Messenger means salvation because he is the Living Image of Aten.

Mir Izgadda has taught us that Joshua/Tutankhaten is the same person as Joshua in the Hebrew and Aramaic “Old Testament.” He has also said that when reading the book of Joshua, it is important to use discernment because it is an amalgamation of various events over a long period of time.

The scholar Ahmed Osman pointed out some discrepancies in the book of Joshua that any Bible student should be aware of. It is possible that the book, like some others, has had some rabbinical and scribal corruptions. Osman stated, “The Book of Joshua is now regarded by most biblical scholars as a fiction, and was not part of the original account.” I tend to agree with Osman on many of his theories, but I do not believe the entire book of Joshua is fiction. I do believe that some of its content has been corrupted. Only time will tell us the full truth of the matter. As Mir Izgadda said, “The sands of the earth will be wiped away by the hand of the Spirit of Truth, continuously revealing the hidden things which will always confirm the truths held by the children of Light.” (TMI 68)

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