Precepts for Living the Atenist Religion

1. God is One and Akhenaten is the teacher of mankind in which he has been appointed as the lord of the earth.

2. Aten’s activities cannot always be fully comprehended by humankind.

3. Do not bring terror among fellow humans; God is opposed to such things.

4. The daily bread is provided by Aten.

5. When you labour in the field God provides you with sustenance.

6. If you wish to be a perfect individual make your children pleasing to Aten.

7. God loves those who are obedient; disobedience is detested by God.

8. Truly a good child is the gift of Aten.

9. God magnifies His name throughout the earth each day.

10. The house of God abominates false speech. Pray with a loving heart, the words of which are hidden. He will do what is needful for you, He will hear your petitions and will accept your oblations if you approach Him in purity.

11. It is your God who gives you existence.

12. Aten is the judge of the truth.

13. When you make an offering to Aten beware of offering what He abominates.

14. Observe with your eye His plans. Devote yourself to singing praises to His name. He gives souls to hundreds of thousands of forms. Aten magnifies those who magnify Him.

15. Leave the angry man in the hands of God; Aten knows how to requite him.

16. Do not carry away the servant of God for the benefit of another.

17. Always take heed to the Lord of the Universe.

18. Though a man steers the boat, it is the Lord who is the pilot.

19. Truth is the great bearer of Aten’s throne.

20. Seat yourself in the hands of God.

21. A man prepares the straw for his building, but God is his architect. It is He who casts down, it is He who builds up daily. It is He who makes a man arrive in the Other World where he is safe in the hands of God.

22. The love of God, praised and adored be He, is more than the respect of the chief.

23. Do not neglect the observance of the Sabbath from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

24. Respect all living things, men, women, children, and do not abort a fetus.

25. Do not let your eye wander to sin with your neighbour’s spouse.

26. The Lord despises those who steal.

27. Have genuine repentance for all guilty acts committed by your hand or eye.