There is no greater opposition to the concept of “Do No Harm” than to bring an end to an innocent human life. Atenists believe the ka or spirit of a human being is ensouled at the moment of conception and that to terminate a fetus is to kill a sentient human being. It does not matter if this happens inside or outside of the womb. It is murder and it is an offence to Aten.

Aten assigns Akhenaten to watch over the souls of all children slain in this manner and the retribution directed at those who have murdered these innocents, regardless of their intentions, will not go unpunished. The main concern with abortion regarding the Atenist faith is abortion out of convenience. If a mother’s life is in danger, a decision must be made. The husband (if available), Atenist cleric and physician(s) should be consulted before a decision takes place.

The Temple of Aten and its members do not endorse the work of Planned Parenthood, and thus do not make contributions to that organisation, or any organisation that contributes to the death of the unborn.