In this world, there is no more precious resource than innocence. Aten loves the innocent dearly. Any mistreatment in any way of the innocent comes at a severe punishment for the wicked.

For Atenists, there can be no greater virtue than to protect the innocent from cruelty and suffering. Conversely, for an Atenist, there is no greater sin than the mistreatment of the innocent. If any person were to inflict suffering on the innocent and believe this will go unpunished, they do not know Aten. Families that cause this type of abuse but cover this up to give the pretence of normalcy, only fool themselves.

Abuse comes in many different forms: sexual abuse, physical abuse and mental abuse. Atenists are to contact authorities (police) once they are aware of a sexual abuse case, even if the guilty party is a fellow member. Abuse will not be tolerated whether it is of children, the elderly or other vulnerable persons.

If any Atenist were to know of such abuse, they are honour bound by their faith to alert the authorities to help bring an immediate end to the suffering of innocents. No assembly of Atenists should ever attempt to cover up an abuse case.