Casual Sex

The great percentage of individuals in the world who indulge in casual sex (and by this we mean, people who engage in sexual intercourse with individuals they have no long term relationship with), is so prevalent and so accepted by secular society that it may come as a shock to the modern seeker that Aten does not condone casual sexual relationships.

Sexual relations are for one of two purposes:

  1. The natural, physical expression of love of one person for another
  2. The intention to create progeny

Beyond these two purposes, there is no reason for individuals to have sexual relations with one another. For people to casually meet, have sex and move on as if nothing ever happened is against the purpose and intentions of pure sexual relations.

The detrimental side effects of casual sex already plague humanity on a global scale: with sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies which then lead to the horrible sins of abortion: this killing of an unborn child or a young child with an adoption agency, never knowing its birth parents. Some other incidents involve those who engage in sexual activity while on drugs which then affect the health of the fetus, causing a life-threatening illness, and in some cases for its entire life.

Add to this the growing number of teen pregnancies: children having children. We can see absolute chaos in regard to the triviality and casualness in which people in this day and age practice casual sex.

Because of the serious harm that can manifest from casual sexual relations, Atenism highly discourages all Atenists from approaching intimate relations with anyone who they do not love dearly and wish to make a life with.