Contraception and Family Planning

Sexual relations between married couples are one of the many gifts of Aten to humanity and there is no greater gift to a family than the gift of a new life. But there are times when the desire of couples to share their love for one another does not mean it is their wish or their intention to expand their family at that time.

Children are an immense blessing from Aten and should always be cherished. Children should always be wanted in all situations. There can be many reasons why having children at certain periods in the life of a family are not feasible and can create various hardships: mentally, emotionally, and financially. In such instances, it is difficult for families to view the gift of life as a gift at all, and as stated: Children should always be wanted.

Because of this, a wise approach to family planning is recommended. Contraception and other medical procedures allow couples to manage a healthy family environment so there are no instances of great hardship where families cannot afford to care for their children.

Unlike other religions that believe a person must abstain from sex if they are not intending to have children, the Temple of Aten views intimate relations for couples as a requirement for a healthy, monogamous relationship and childbirth should never be looked upon as a punishment to a couple who sincerely have no capacity to care for offspring at specific times in their lives. Wisdom dictates that couples address sexuality, contraception and family planning thoughtfully.

Please note: Family planning in this context does not include the horror of abortion. This is the wilful murder of an unborn child and the restricting of the ka to grow and learn and have a life.