Equal Rights

Atenism makes no distinction between genders. It does not believe one gender is viewed as superior to another. All are equal and blessed by Aten. More than this, no gender can live independent of the other. The notion that one gender has no use or need for the other is delusional and usually born out of a reactionary mindset. Men and women should not only tolerate one another, but they should also bestow upon one another equal rights — not only in society but in their minds and hearts, they should transcend this and love one another as brothers and sisters in the presence of Aten.

Men should view all women who are their seniors as their mothers. All women their own age as sisters and all women younger than them as their daughters. Women should view all men who are their seniors as their fathers. All men their own age as brothers and all men younger than them as their sons.

More damage has been done in this world by the simple inability of men and women to awaken to their innate symbiotic relationship.