Global Warming

It is quite evident that the world is in peril. The environment has suffered greatly from the inconsiderate acts of mankind. Oceans, rivers, forests, deserts, plains, jungles and mountains have all been damaged by the thoughtlessness of mankind through the stripping of resources, to clear-cutting ancient forests, to contaminating waterways, to poisoning the air, the water we drink, all of these thoughtless acts have led to the world we see around us.

We believe that Earth changes and environmental changes are real; we do not, however, chalk this up to the popular theory of “Global Warming”. This does not mean we are not seeing the same devastation that others see because it is obvious, we are saying that the causes of such earth changes are not what many believe them to be. They are a cause for great concern and we believe that all souls should love and care for the planet as it was given to us by Aten in love.