The central core of any serious relationship is intimacy and trust. Without these, a relationship is destined for failure. There is no greater crime in a marriage or relationship than an unfaithful spouse or partner. For any person to share the bed with someone other than their spouse is abhorrent to Aten, making a mockery of the relationship and causing great harm to the spouse and to children if there are any and to the extended families and friends. It is a sexually transmitted disease of sorrow and pain.

Orthodox Atenism teaches, counter to some secular courts, that infidelity is a serious crime. If the couple can make amends, then the community will also accept the repentant partner; if, on the other hand, the spouse cannot do so, the community will not accept the unfaithful spouse in any Atenist gatherings or homes unless the individual repents.

Sometimes a spouse will stray due to a loveless marriage or abusive spouse. Both are serious issues that should be dealt with but never by means of infidelity. A relationship should be fully over and understood to be so, by all parties. A mutual agreement to the termination of the relationship that is not working, with full understanding as to why they are no longer together and if there are children, clear provision made for them through appropriate legal means.

Where marriage or relationship is an expression of love, infidelity is a hate crime and cannot be tolerated in Atenist society.