Everything on the planet was offered to humanity for its use and enjoyment. Sometimes this is food, music, clothes, and many other gifts of nature. Even substances such as alcohol or tobacco, if taken in moderation, for casual enjoyment, are not the evils that much of society would like the world to believe.

That being said, there is the very real issue of substance abuse. For those who are prone to such addiction, the casual intake of such intoxicants can be lethal. For those persons, it is urged that they avoid such substances for their own welfare and the welfare of others.

This does not mean that all society must abstain from these things. Wisdom dictates that moderation and temperance are the best courses of action with any substance that can be abused.

Modern findings make it clear that the use of tobacco and vaping products can be dangerous to our health, and even deadly. Atenists are asked to choose a healthy lifestyle, but the Temple does not dictate an individual’s choice to smoke or vape. However, those in leadership should be setting an example for other members, and for the world. Thus, it is important that such ones not use tobacco or vaping products. In a culture where a little wine is served with a meal, this is seen as an acceptable practice.