The main tenet of Atenism is “Love God and Do No Harm”. War seems, on the outset, to be the antithesis of this sentiment. Many people who demonstrate for the end of war do so with the best of intentions, if not the clearest of foresight.

Atenism believes in the fullest understanding of “Do No Harm” which is not unilateral pacifism as some believe, but what is the wisest course of action to eliminate evil and bring an end to cruelty and suffering in the world.

In a malevolent and violent world that seeks to subjugate the innocent and that takes great joy at the suffering of all life, there is a need for a corrective process of military action in such cases — never to create further suffering of the innocent but to bring an end to the machinations of the wicked. In a world that embraces evil, military action is a necessity to save the very lives of the innocent. It is dependent on who is waging war and if their motives are pure. If not, then such militarism is deemed evil and a blight on humanity.