World Religions

Atenism extols the virtues of wisdom and compassion and as such our view on other world religions is one of tolerance and understanding. While we always seek to be friendly and peaceful with all religious communities, at the same time we do not believe in non-absolutism, the idea that all roads lead to the one. There are some groups closer to this path and others less so.

In instances where a religion, cult or sect teaches doctrines that are in direct opposition to the Divine Will of God, we must always speak the truth of Aten. If others deem this to be viewed as intolerance or negativity or a lack of acceptance, this is never our intent; on the contrary, our intention is always to do the Will of Aten and speaking this truth would be better viewed as a correction of misunderstood concepts rather than any form of attack.

In instances where any theology or philosophy is directing people away from the presence of Aten, we can never accept those doctrines as concepts nor validate them to others. Our intent is one of understanding the intentions of others to seek the truth as they perceive it and to live this truth.